Having built a strong relationship with X-on convinced Woolston Lodge Surgery they'd made the right choice

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Woolston Lodge Surgery - Helping GP Practices

June 2020

Woolston Lodge Surgery is a Southhampton practice offering clinics such as Cervical Care, NHS Healthchecks, Immunisation and Family Planning, in addition to specialist nurse services such as District Nurses, Midwives, and Counsellors.

June 2020

The Challenge

COVID-19 created an urgent need for Woolston Lodge to change the way the practice communicated with patients. After having engaged in-person with a number of telephony suppliers, the increasing lockdown meant the practice team had to meet virtually with X-on Account Manager Danielle Henderson. As Clair Hayward, Finance Manager at Woolston Lodge, recalls: "Following four face to face demonstrations of other systems, we were left with no choice, due to the current situation, but to have a virtual demonstration of the X-on system."

The Solution

Danielle Henderson - Account Manager Healthcare at X-on
Danielle Henderson
Account Manager Healthcare

The decision to consider Surgery Connect was in a significant part due to their interaction with X-on: "Danielle did an absolutely amazing job with this and was extremely professional throughout, in fact we were sold within about two minutes of her demonstration starting (although, of course, we didn't tell her that at the time!)".

X-on Sales followed up the initial meeting with more information and a comprehensive quote detailing all aspects of the service as it would apply to Woolston Lodge: "The quotation we received was extremely clear in outlining the benefits of the system and what we will be getting for our money, one of the four other companies has never actually sent me a quotation, even after chasing this up with them!"

Once Woolston Lodge decided they were happy with the quote, Clair "challenged Danielle to a 15 minute demonstration for our partners and again she 'smashed it'. They were very impressed and they can all see the huge advantages to using the X-on system."

Woolston Lodge Surgery Decides

With Surgery Connect exceeding the communications needs of the team at Woolston Lodge, it was having built a strong relationship that convinced the team they'd made the right choice: "Comparing the telephone systems that we have reviewed, X-on and Danielle's professionalism far outweighs the other companies, and we have no doubt in our mind that we have made the right decision. Throughout this process Danielle has been 'spot on' with her communication with us. At no point has she been pushy, but just a gentle reminder that she's still around has gone a long way in reminding me that I need to do something about moving the process forward."

Once the contract has been approved, Surgery Connect will be installed in an agreed time frame to provide the clinical and administrative teams at Woolston Lodge with comprehensive patient communications options, including video and SMS, with staff able to function at home just as well as if they were working at the practice. It was good communication that ensured the practice understood how Surgery Connect would improve patient communications while allowing for existing workflow at Woolston Lodge. As Clair recalls: "We had a few technical issues to start with (from our end), but Danielle showed patience and tried many ways to help us resolve these."

In conclusion Clair had this advice for the team at X-on: "I'm sure you already know how much of a credit Danielle is to your team, but I just wanted to let you know how much of a difference having someone like her selling your products really does make."

Clair Hayward
Finance Manager
Woolston Lodge Surgery

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.