Surgery Connect improved patient communications for West Hampstead Medical Centre with call monitoring and EMIS integration

West Hampstead Medical Centre

Call Monitoring and EMIS Integration

July 2019

West Hampstead Medical Centre hosts services and clinics in Contraception, Hearing, Sexual Health, Travel Health, Baby and Child Development, Midwifery and on-site Clinical Psychologists.

July 2019

The Challenge

West Hampstead Medical Centre were looking to improve patient communications with a new telephone service, one which allowed them to monitor how well calls were being handled to make adjustments to the patient call experience.

As users of the EMIS Clinical System, which provides staff with immediate access to patient data, the practice were looking to integrate their telephony into EMIS Web.

The Solution

Surgery Connect includes comprehensive real time data, along with downloadable management reports, which assist the practice management team to assess the telephone interactions between staff and patients. Training can be properly targeted when required, and staff resources efficiently allocated dependent on time of day, helping mitigate both staff and patient stress during busy call periods such as Monday mornings.

Surgery Connect integrates seemlessly with EMIS Web providing staff taking calls with the relevant patient record based on the incoming phone number. Calls can also be recorded securely and linked to the patient record, providing staff with access to the full consultation history while reducing the time spent on calls with patients.

West Hampstead Medical Centre Says

"Very happy with our new service. Very smooth transition, system working as intended and very useful metrics to monitor the service with.

"Any issues or questions very rapidly dealt with - really impressed.

"Integrates nicely into EMIS saving significant clinician time."

Ben Bromilow
Senior GP Partner
West Hampstead Medical Centre

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.