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Mobile phone call recording between GPs and Patients satisfying NHS requirements


Mobile Call Recording

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Mobile Call Recording for Urgent Care Cambridgeshire

Urgent Care Cambridgeshire (UCC) provided Out of Hours Emergency GP Services for Cambridgshire. UCC had long experience in providing a quality service to the 750,000 patients of Cambridgeshire.

The Challenge

Urgent Care Cambridgeshire had a team of clinicians who made regular home visits to patients. X-on were approached with a view to providing a Mobile Call Recording solution in accordance with NHS legal requirements.

The Solution

X-on’s Mobile Call Recording was seamlessly implemented, enabling telephone conversations between clinicians and patients to be recorded and retained. Call recordings are securely stored on X-on servers for a period of 10 years, ensuring Department of Health regulatory compliance, and providing peace of mind for UCC.

UCC Says

"The recording of mobile phones has always been a cause for concern as we have grown as a company due to the increased number of home visits. While a clinician is out on these home visits they are given a mobile phone to phone the patient or to call back head office with relevant critical information about the patient. X-on has now given us the ability to record these conversations, giving our clinicians an increased safety net should an issue arise between the patient and clinician. We can now look back over the calls made to get the correct and accurate diagnosis of what actually occurred."

"Setup of this service was seamless and quick. On our part we just sat back and allowed X-on to perform the setup, meaning we could carry on with our day to day job. Once setup was complete the use of the service is as easy as 1-2-3 with the very friendly web interface which allows you to listen, download, store and even run reports should you so wish. The use of the handsets is no different from that of a normal mobile phone, you have no extra buttons or dial codes to press, just dial the normal number you want to ring and the recording takes place right from the word go!"

"Right from the start our experience with X-on has been very impressive, all the staff are very friendly and always looking out for our best interests."

Andrew Lowe
ICT Support
Urgent Care Cambridgeshire

For further information on Mobile Recording please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.