Surgery Connect provides Symphony Healthcare Services with a primary care at scale organisation wide telephony improving patient experience and staff productivity

Symphony Healthcare Services

Primary Care at Scale Telephony

Symphony Healthcare Services - Primary Care at Scale Telephony

August 2019

Symphony Healthcare Services was developed to support GP Practices by creating innovative new ways of delivering high quality care to patients, while strengthening and supporting primary care and easing the pressure on the NHS as a whole. By joining together under the Symphony umbrella, practices can meet the current and future challenges of providing a sustainable, high quality healthcare service for patients.

August 2019

The Challenge

With joining practices arriving with outdated phone systems, Symphony Healthcare Services needed an organisation wide telephony system that would provide the features needed by modern practices looking to drive forward the NHS ideals of improved patient experience and increased practice staff productivity. Head of Transformation, Wendy Grey considered that "As a primary care at scale organisation we needed to consolidate contracts to one provider and improve access to data."

Wendy was also determined that the new system would improve access to comprehensive call data, which would allow practice administration to effectively manage resources in line with achieving Symphony Healthcare Services' ambitions. Wendy needed the system to provide "good data, flexibility, responsiveness."

The Solution

Surgery Connect has been designed from the ground up to provide a GP Practice specific communications system, which has been honed by feedback from the hundreds of practices now using the service. It provides primary care at scale organisations with unlimited call capacity across any number of practices. Easy to use interfaces and the X-flow call flow generator provide administrators and authorised staff the tools to create the ideal call handling scenarios for any multi-site configuration, from individual practices to CCG wide.

Comprehensive call reports include the data management need to decide on the most efficient deployment of resources for any part of the organisation.

Symphony Healthcare Services - Wendy Grey

Symphony Healthcare Services Says

"We chose Surgery Connect because of the services offered, responsiveness and national spread in primary care already (providing quality assurance on the company and the system). A good company to use for telephony in Primary Care - they are becoming more adept at dealing with 'Primary Care at Scale' organisations and this will benefit them hugely in the future.

"The product is excellent and a system leader, support from the helpdesk is good and the company are responsive when approached.

"Once we had completed the first few changeovers and understood the process for set up, things were increasingly easy. Initially we had some issues with the level of training/support provided at go-live for the first of our practices and these were fed back to the company - they listened and things have subsequently improved so that go-live is now straightforward.

"We have improved the options and service for telephony hugely on what was available before without a proportionate increase in costs. Data and reporting on calls has influenced rotas and staffing resource allocation across the week to improve the percentages on call pick up."

Wendy Grey
Head of Transformation
Symphony Healthcare Services

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