SW Healthcare implemented Surgery Connect as it allowed staff and clinicians to work remotely, could be managed by the SW team and be set up very quickly

SW Healthcare

Responding to COVID-19

SW Healthcare - Responding to COVID-19

November 2020

SW Healthcare is a federation of GP Practices, offering innovative healthcare systems and an excellent patient experience across South Worcestershire.

November 2020

The Challenge

Responding to conditions created by the onset of COVID-19, SW Healthcare "required a telephony system that would allow staff and clinicians to work remotely, could be managed by the SW Team and that could be set up very quickly" explains Holly Johnson, Operations Supervisor.

The Solution

SW Healthcare decided Surgery Connect would most effectively meet their needs during COVID: "Surgery Connect was able to work together with SW to ensure that we were still able to run patient services while allowing both clinicians and admin staff to work remotely."

SW Healthcare cited "allowing staff to log in and out of different services, to work remotely and redirect calls either through a mobile or through a soft phone on laptops" as one of the most useful features of their new system; "Staff can contact each other using short dials and transfer to members of staff working remotely."

X-flow is a graphical interface that allows users to drag 'n drop components to build up a call flow. Holly says SW Healthcare found it useful to "have control of the work and call flow using X-flow."

Additionally, "having access to the call wallboard, so we are able to call back any missed calls" and a "recording facility, so we are able to listen to a call if needed" have ensured that Surgery Connect provides SW Healthcare's staff and patients an efficient call experience.

SW Healthcare Says

"We chose Surgery Connect for the functionality and the ease of setting the system up.

"The functionality of the system is excellent, you have control of your own work and call flow. It keeps staff connected, when having to work remotely.

"Implementation was great and user guides were provided. Training has also been scheduled for all staff.

"The system is reliable and the support provided by the team is excellent.

"We have made cost savings by using Surgery Connect.

"Using Surgery Connect has made a real difference to the way we were able to work during lockdown and will continue to do so."

Holly Johnson
Operations Supervisor
SW Healthcare

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.