Sunnybank Medical Centre decided on Surgery Connect to replace their old system which couldn’t be updated, providing patients with an easy and simple way of contacting them

Sunnybank Medical Centre

Updating a Legacy Phone System

Affinity Care: Sunnybank Medical Centre - Updating a Legacy Phone System

July 2019

Sunnybank Medical Centre is one of eight like-minded practices in the Affinity Care Healthcare collective, building a more sustainable structure to better meet the increasing demands on the NHS, improve the patient experience and deliver improved clinical outcomes. Sunnybank provides GP services to 11,000 patients in the Bradford area.

July 2019

The Challenge

Director of Operations, Adrian Roebuck, had realised that their "old system was no longer fit for purpose - it couldn’t be updated to provide our patients with an easy and simple way of contacting us and any updates took a long time to action, so we couldn’t react to IT problems or weather issues quickly." Adrian also wanted to move to the flexibility of a VoIP system "that included menu choices for patients to more easily get to the service they needed."

The Solution

Surgery Connect is a cloud based GP telephony system designed from the ground up to dramatically improve the efficiency of practice communications, benefiting patients by managing their expectations as they call in by keeping them informed. The system is constantly refined by utilising feedback from Healthcare professionals like Adrian.

Surgery Connect also provides Sunnybank with call recording "to help us improve the patient experience and staff training", plus call traffic monitoring and reporting.

Cost was also a consideration, with Adrian concluding that Surgery Connect "offered the balance between cost and functionality as well as having a good support team behind it. It is good value for money."

Sunnybank Medical Centre Says

"A most useful feature for us is the ability to make changes quickly, as well as monitoring the call traffic, to see how well we are doing. The service is relatively easy to use.

"We felt that X-on listened to our needs and offered a product that met these rather than selling something that wasn't right for us. There was constant and clear communication during the changeover as well, so we felt confident with what was happening and when.

"Overall, we are pleased with the product and the support that we have with X-on."

Adrian Roebuck
Director of Operations
Affinity Care, Sunnybank Medical Centre

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.