Surgery Connect provides Shotton Lane Surgery with upgraded telephony including flexible remote working and statistical data to support Welsh access standards

Shotton Lane Surgery

Remote Working and Welsh Access Standards

Shotton Lane Surgery - Remote Working and Access Standards

November 2020

Shotton Lane Surgery was established in the 1950s and has grown to service over 8500 patients in the Shotton area, Flintshire, Wales. The patient list covers the full range of social bandings including some deprivation areas. Services covered include chronic disease management, such as heart conditions, cancer, stroke, hypothyroidism and mental health, along with enhanced services such as anticoagulant monitoring, cervical screening, contraceptive services, immunisations and minor surgery procedures.

November 2020

The Challenge

Shotton Lane Surgery needed to upgrade their 30 year old telephony, and were looking for a "reasonably priced state of the art system." Kath Evans, Practice Manager at Shotton Lane, explained that they wanted a "completely flexible system that had the ability to cope with patient demand" and that the system should provide "information and direction to patients when they phoned the practice."

Additionally the team were looking for call recording "as this is very important and aids in resolving complaints and potential litigation claims."

Kath was also keen that the system provide sufficient flexibility to allow staff and practitioners to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Solution

Surgery Connect easily fulfilled Shotton Lane Surgery's requirements with the "basic system very easy to use", and with familiarity they have added "lots of other very useful features which we have been making use of gradually."

GP@Home remote working is included with Surgery Connect. As Kath points out "one particularly excellent feature is the soft phone which we have made use of during the pandemic. This feature allows remote working whilst still making full use of the telephone system and its benefits when working from home."

Kath singles out some features that have been particularly useful at Shotton Lane Surgery: "The calendar feature is extremely useful and can be set up in advance, controlling the messages and shut off times. Also the report facility. Within Wales we are being asked to achieve a number of access standards, e.g. outgoing messages in Welsh and English, call waiting targets, recording calls. The X-on system has helped us provide the statistical data to support these requirements. It also demonstrates how busy the practice has been during the pandemic period."

Surgery Connect includes a training program to ensure staff are familiar with using the service to ensure the best experience for them and their patients. Kath noted that the "trainers are patient and give good advice based on their experience. All of the team are always ready to help."

Shotton Lane Surgery Says

"Been very happy for the two years that we have been with X-on.

"Cost and recommendation encouraged us to choose Surgery Connect over other services.

"We recommend the reports; this allows you to view your busy periods and plan staffing accordingly.

"Installation was efficient and timely with go-live being excellent.

"Support also excellent, whatever the query. Response time is always excellent with the vast majority of issues resolved immediately. This is vitally important for a busy surgery and I have never been disappointed yet.

"Whilst our expenditure has increased, given our previous antiquated system offered very little so charges were historically low, we don’t feel that it is excessive and it is happily borne given the functionality the X-on system gives."

Kath Evans
Practice Manager
Shotton Lane Surgery

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.