Surgery Connect provides Sayeed Medical Centre with a phone service that includes a queueing system which announces the wait times for patients

Sayeed Medical Centre

Wait Times for Queued Patients

Leicester City Health: Sayeed Medical Centre - Wait Times for Queued Patients

July 2019

Sayeed Medical Centre are a part of a Leicester City Health Federation, serving the Leicestershire area and over 5,000 patients, covering a diverse population with different cultural backgrounds. Our staff are also multicultural, speaking a wide range of languages commonly spoken in the area.

July 2019

The Challenge

Sayeed Medical Centre needed to upgrade their phone system, and in particular they wanted a service that included a "queueing system which could identify the wait times for our patients." Practice Manager, Rajashree Mistry, was also keen that the service provide features that allowed Sayeed management to "establish how we could improve to provide a better service to our patients."

The Solution

Surgery Connect allows callers to be queued ensuring they aren't met with a busy signal during peak periods such as Monday mornings, with callers being advised how many people are waiting in the queue. Before joining the queue, patients can hear recorded practice messages, and be given the option to direct their call to a particular department - the nurse, for vaccinations, for example.

Surgery Connect also provides Sayeed Medical Centre with service consoles, which "provide us with better control when we need to make changes", plus a full suite of downloadable reports which provide management with the data they need to make adjustments to staff deployment, ensuring optimal staff to patient communications.

Cost was also a consideration, with Surgery Connect providing some savings over their previous provider, but more importantly, according to Rajashree, "the service, features and tech are better."

Sayeed Medical Centre Says

"We chose Surgery Connect for the better features and the control over the product to suit our needs. It is an advanced technology, and we are a small business, but it fulfils our needs.

"As a Federation I have always promoted any kind of service which will make savings and make life easier in our business. We would like X-on to promote themselves within our PCNs.

"So far so good, we have been with X-on only for 2 months and are yet to discover many of the features, hopefully we will explore them soon and help all our staff to provide an excellent service to our internal and external clients.

"The post go-live experience has been good, except for a couple of small issues which were resolved in reasonable timescales."

Rajashree Mistry
Practice Manager
Sayeed Medical Centre

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.