Surgery Connect allowed the Railway Medical Group to integrate communications across their four sites

Railway Medical Group

Multiple Site Call Recording

Railway Medical Group - Multi-site Communications Integration

November 2019

Railway Medical Group service 27,000 patients across 4 different sites in Blyth. Services include Joint Injections, Contraception, Minor Surgery, Smoking Cessation, Flu and Travel Vaccinations, Hypertension and Cardiovascular Clinics, Cervical Screening, Diabetic Clinic and Private Medicals.

November 2019

The Challenge

Railway Medical Group needed a new communications system that would replace differing legacy practice phone systems and integrate communications across their 4 sites. Paul Culling, IT/Premises Co-ordinator at Railway Medical Group, explains "our practice was created in April 2017 from the merger of two practices. Each of the practices had their own different telephone system."

Paul also wanted a system that would record calls across all 4 sites, be simple to use and provide "statistical analysis of calls coming into the surgery to help us plan how to meet the demands of the practice."

The Solution

Surgery Connect works equally as well for many practices as it does for a single practice, and is currently deployed across a number of CCGs, providing a uniformity of technology for IT Leads. Features such as call recording work seemlessly across the practices with downloadable copies of the recording available to anyone with authorised access. The recordings are stored at the highest levels of security ensuring patient data is safe and GDPR compliant.

The administration interfaces have been designed using feedback from GPs, IT Leads and Practice Managers over many years to ensure simplicity of use for what is a very sophisticated and complex communications system. Surgery Connect has consistently improved practice staff efficiency after installation, with training sessions familiarising staff with the service as quickly as possible. Paul has commented that the system has a "very easy interface to use/configure with just a click of a button."

Railway Medical Group Says

"We chose Surgery Connect over other services after a demonstration at a Management in Practice event. The transparent cost also a factor.

"The most useful features for us are the ease of searching and listening to call recordings, and the ability to configure the phone system wherever you have an internet connection - you don’t need to be in the office to do this.

"The experience after go-live has been very good. X-on worked efficiently to resolve issues we had with call recording on phones we did not own within our Hospital site.

"Good support team for any issues with the service, good communication throughout getting issues resolved."

Paul Culling
IT/Premises Co-ordinator
Railway Medical Group

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.