Surgery Connect upgraded MyHealth telephony across four practices, allowing them to respond to the NHS Forward View


Telephony across Multiple Practices

MyHealth - Telephony across Multiple Practices

October 2019

MyHealth are a federation of four NHS Health Care Centres serving nearly 20,000 patients across an area of over 200 square miles to the North East of York. Services include Child Healthcare, Chronic Disease, Contraception, Counselling, Immunisation and minor surgery.

October 2019

The Challenge

MyHealth urgently needed to upgrade their telephony, particularly given the federation operates across four practices, with one of those practices acting as the central location. Their legacy system was unable to provide the communications system needed by modern practices looking to respond to the NHS Forward View, with Operations Manager Lucy Murdock commenting that they were hampered by "old, inadequate technology providing an inadequate number of lines into the practice, poor call stats, and an unreliable and unsupportive provider."

Lucy wanted to ensure that any new technology would provide a new level of "call stats, call recording and EMIS integration" at MyHealth, along with an overall improvement in communications efficiency for each of the 4 practices and cohesively across the federation.

The Solution

Factors that assisted MyHealth in their decision to move to Surgery Connect included "used locally by the majority of practices, the best features along with the best support and customer service."

The new system has "cost us quite a lot more, but is more efficient" providing MyHealth with previously unavailable and now must-have features such as "unlimited lines, Patient Callback and wallboard." Patient Callback technology allows the patient to opt for a call back rather than wait in the queue, while maintaining their position in the queue.

MyHealth have found Surgery Connect very easy to use via the browser based management system, with "the only issue is that we are used to not logging in and some phones need to be accessible at all times." With more familiarity logging in should become routine.

MyHealth Says

"Our experience during implementation of the service and after go-live has been very good, no concerns with communication or service. Very responsive.

"We have found X-on that provide a fast response to queries, are proactive and supportive, with friendly staff willing to help.

"The process was something that we were nervous about and we required a lot of support to be able to answer initial questions. We were apprehensive about the whole process, especially go-live, but this was so efficient and the support was faultless."

Lucy Murdoch
Operations Manager

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.