Surgery Connect addressed all Montgomery-House Surgery's requirements utilising the flexibility and power of a cloud based system


Cloud Based Flexibility and Power

Montgomery-House Surgery Cloud Based Communications

May 2018

Montgomery-House Surgery utilise 50 staff to service 15,000 patients in the Bicester area, including travel advice and immunisations, a variety of well being and health review clinics, and an on-site pharmacy.

May 2018

The Challenge

Montgomery-House were limited to 8 incoming/outgoing fixed lines, plus 2 additional fixed lines for duty staff to call out on, which limited patient access and also made it "extremely difficult to contact patients". They also "lacked phone recording and genuine oversight of calls".

Steve Sharpe, Practice Manager, requested:

  • Full access for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Queuing facility
  • Call recording
  • Self-management of the system to a certain level
  • Auto attendant to manage call flow to different parts of the Practice
  • Support by a responsive support team

The Solution

Surgery Connect was able to address all of Montgomery-House Surgery's requirements utilising the flexibility and power inherent in a cloud based system. Unhindered by a fixed number of lines, Surgery Connect is able to handle any number of patients calling into the Surgery, including during peak times such as Monday mornings.

Callers are held in a queue, kept informed while waiting, and once answered efficiently directed to the most applicable staff member within the practice.

Authorised staff at Montgomery-House can administer the system themselves, adjusting the system to best meet the needs of the practice. Patient/staff call recordings provide a useful reference for review later should any issues arise with a case.

EMIS integration has further improved the ability of staff to maintain efficient patient communications with the ability to call or SMS patients from the EMIS popup.

Montgomery-House Surgery Says

"The core VoIP structure has proved most useful as that has enabled the Practice to provide a level of patient care that we want. More recently the EMIS-Phone links are proving very useful to our Patient Services Teams, and also our GPs who are now using it, enabling patient recognition, texting and dial from screen.

"The service is very straight forward to use, many areas can be maintained by the Practice, but the support is there if required.

"The basic cost is broadly the same as our previous limited fixed line system, but the benefits are a much improved service for patients.

"We chose Surgery Connect because of value and very much liking their approach to providing a high quality service. Implementation of the service and after go-live have been very good, with X-on very responsive to any issues.

"Additional services are constantly under development, which we are very happy to contribute to."

Steve Sharpe
Practice Manager
Montgomery-House Surgery

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.