Ongoing technical issues with their BT/Teleware phone system forced Millfield to move to Surgery Connect

Millfield Surgery

Replacing BT/Teleware Phone System

Millfield Surgery - Replacing BT/Teleware Phone System

October 2018

Millfield Surgery is a semi-rural Practice with 27 staff serving a population of over 7,000 patients, of which almost half inhabit outlying villages and farms. They also work within a federated group of local Practices - The City & Vale GP Alliance - to ensure high quality patient care and the sustainability of member practices, by developing a supportive network with other aspirational organisations.

October 2018

The Challenge

Ongoing technical issues with their BT/Teleware phone system forced Millfield to "pull out of a 5 year contract and move across to Surgery Connect."

Additionally Millfield Surgery wanted to be able to monitor the number of inbound and outbound calls, to record their own prompts and messages, and record all patient calls.

The Solution

Surgery Connect has met with Millfield Surgery's requirements, providing control over their prompts and messaging, along with authorised access to encrypted and securely stored call recordings. A simple to use interface allows the team full control over their calls and how they are handled.

Detailed reporting allows practice management to view all aspects of the call handling such as individual agent performance, team performance and queue handling performance. A call-by-call audit provides full details on every call answered or missed, with full search facilities finding a specific call record quickly.

Surgery Connect also integrates with the main clinical systems measurably reducing overall costs by minimizing time spent on administrative tasks and calls.

Millfield Surgery - Darren Dalzell

Millfield Surgery Says

"I was really impressed by their professional presentation given at the procurement stage and how the system is designed specifically for General Practice.

"It was a truly simple and smooth transition from one system to the other. When we experienced any technical difficulties the Technical Support Team were absolutely professional in resolving these issues within a short timeframe.

"I would say that we’re paying equal to our old contract; however, the functionality is second to none, and therefore, I feel that we’re getting a truly value for money system.

"Exceptionally easy to use. I’m now looking forward to linking it with our clinical system in the near future.

"I wish we’d signed up to their service sooner rather than later. It’s a simple but professional system that is easy to use by all staff."

Darren Dalzell
Practice Manager
Millfield Surgery

Operations Director
City & Vale GP Alliance

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.