Lombard Medical Centre used Surgery Connect to reduce telephone costs while being provided with more data

Lombard Medical Centre

Wallboard - Instantly See Activity

Lombard Medical Centre - Wallboard - Instantly See Activity

December 2018

Lombard Medical Centre is a long established Practice, started just after the turn of the 20th Century, based in Newark, and with a patient population of nearly 19,000. It is an accredited training practice, and for many years has been involved in the postgraduate training of fully qualified doctors who wish to pursue a career in General Practice.

December 2018

The Challenge

Lombard Medical Centre were looking to reduce the costs associated with their telephone system while being provided with "more data to build our business on and make it easier for patients to contact us."

In particular Lombard wished to improve the time it took for patients to be answered and speak with the Surgery team, to simplify the appointment cancellation process, along with "Monitoring of the call volume so that we can manage staff and patients more efficiently."

The Solution

Surgery Connect provided the features the team at Lombard required, with Debbie Swain, Practice Director, focussing on:

  • "Wallboards - instantly see activity
  • "Separate network to the computers in case of breakdown
  • "Back up mobiles
  • "Free calls - know what the system costs each month – no hidden charges
  • "Good clear call recording - easily accessible
  • "Easy to manage system that can also be used to inform patients of changes through reassurance messages
  • "Easy transfer to out of hour services"

Lombard Medical Centre Says

"We chose Surgery Connect for the back up phones and servers, wallboard and reporting, unlimited incoming and outgoing lines, and value for money.

"The go live day could have worked better, there were a number of tweaks that had to be taken away with the set up person.

"We would like to link in with the clinical system, bringing the patient up that is calling in, and if patients cancel they are removed from the appointments page."

Debbie Swain
Practice Director
Lombard Medical Centre

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.