Surgery Connect replaced an outdated phone system at Kingsway Surgery with comprehensive staff training and no disruption to patients

Kingsway Surgery

Smooth Phone System Switchover

Kingsway Surgery - Smooth Phone System Switchover

April 2019

Kingsway Surgery caters for over 10,500 patients in the Swansea area, offering a large array of clinics including Asthma, Cardiovascular, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Dementia, Epilepsy, Learning Disabilities, and Mental Health clinics.

April 2019

The Challenge

Kingsway were keen to replace their outdated legacy phone system which was causing difficulties for staff and patients alike, Anna Tippett, Practice Manager pointed out that they "had a very outdated analogue telephone system which was extremely basic. Patients had to call different numbers for the main surgery, the prescription line and our exercise therapy service. We wanted a service that enabled patients to call one number to access all our services."

Kingsway wanted to be able to queue inbound calls without compromising their ability to call out when needed, asking for "a queuing system that allowed us to keep patients informed and also provide key service messages while they wait. We only had a limited number of lines to call out on and therefore at busy times we were unable to call out. There were no call waiting features or management functions to monitor internally how the calls were being answered by staff, so we wanted a system that would enable me to manage and monitor the way administrators were dealing with calls in the office."

The Solution

After a rigorous selection process, Surgery Connect was selected as it provided Kingsway with all the features they'd previously been lacking, the features they were looking for to improve their patient communications and their staff work flow, and many more features not contemplated but now providing the team with a fluid and efficient communications environment.

Patient informing call queueing controlled by calendars and monitored by management, along with intelligent call routing and call flow flexibility, have transformed the way in which Kingsway interact with their patients.

Surgery Connect has been built utilising the feedback we receive from Practice Managers like Anna, ensuring the service continues to meet the needs of Practices operating within an ever changing NHS environment. Surgery Connect allows Practices to meet the transformational directives of the NHS such as the GP Forward View.

With nearly eight out of ten patients using the telephone system as their first point of contact, according the latest GP Patient Survey, Surgery Connect ensures Practices effectively meet that demand while encompassing other technologies as the NHS moves toward healthcare efficiency.

Kingsway Surgery Says

"The new system has actually far exceeded our expectations. As with lots of sales pitches it sounded excellent but you never know what the reality will be like until you have full access. Patients and staff are extremely happy with the new phone system. Calls are managed in a much more sophisticated way by the software, which means that staff feel less stressed by the constant calls.

"We have made a cost saving on our previous service which is amazing considering the functionality we now have. The price was extremely competitive compared to other providers, but I also felt confident in the information I received from my Account Manager. She provided clear information both over the phone and in writing, and explained things clearly to me in a way I could understand. I also felt she went out of her way to address any queries I had throughout the process and was extremely patient as I went through a procurement exercise to identify the best telephony company for our surgery.

"I was nervous about the switch over process, however the staff that supported the process were excellent. We had engineers who attended the site initially who set up all the phones in preparation for our switch over day. They were polite and efficient. On the switch over day we had two dedicated staff for the full day who did staff training, supported us during the switch over and managed any issues during the day (not that there were many!). It was extremely reassuring to have experienced staff here. They were calm and efficient throughout and worked to identify solutions to operational issues that were bespoke to our practice and the way our admin team operates. The switch over day was uneventful and therefore no issues for patients at all.

"The service has been extremely easy to use and the training we received was excellent. The ongoing telephone support is also first class - when we contact the helpdesk the staff are quick and efficient at all times. I feel able to do most things on the user console, but if I need help then the telephone support is quick and responsive. What more can you ask for?"

Anna Tippett
Practice Manager
Kingsway Surgery

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.