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NHS GP Forward View

James Wigg and Queens Crescent Practices - NHS GP Forward View

July 2018

James Wigg and Queens Crescent Practices are based in Camden Town, servicing around 26,000 patients. Around 40 doctors and 10 nurses operate across the two sites. They aim to provide excellent patient care in a welcoming and accessible environment and strive to reverse the 'Inverse Care Law', while providing as wide a range of services on-site as possible.

July 2018

The Challenge

James Wigg/Queens Crescent had experienced a number of issues with their existing phone system:

  • "The old ISDN30 system had limited lines coming in.
  • "The on-site system was prone to failures.
  • "The system was out of maintenance, and required system updates.
  • "We didn't have visibility of how busy our phone systems were - such as how many people were waiting in the phone queue.
  • "The system operated on each site independently. Therefore to call the other site, it was necessary to make an external call, incurring call charges.
  • "The contract with the old supplier was problematic. Bills were often wrong. This required escalation to our account manager, which could takes months to resolve. During these months, there could be more incorrect bills."

Which formulated requirements:

  • "The ability to call between sites through extension numbers.
  • "Wallboard monitoring/management console with web login.
  • "Call recording.
  • "Free local calls.
  • "Unlimited incoming calls - no more engaged tones."

The Solution

Surgery Connect can solve all the issues faced by users of legacy phone systems, providing features, flexibility and reliability not possible with older on-site systems. In addition to substantial improvements in functionality, Surgery Connect uses a simple rental model, usually at a lower cost, charging for all services in a single bill.

Comprehensive reporting tools aid staff in providing an optimal experience for patients phoning in, with call staff also enjoying working in a more efficient and flexible environment.

All this goes a long way toward James Wigg/Queens Crescent meeting the high impact actions outlined in the NHS GP Forward View.

James Wigg Practice Says

Most Useful Features:

  • "Wallboard monitoring/User web console - reception managers find these useful tools to monitor calls.
  • "Direct calling between two sites - we can now act as one organisation - even on two sites.
  • "A fully managed system backed by a team of competent engineers."
James Wigg Practice - Loni Booker

"Surgery Connect provided us with features which, with our old system, were difficult to use and in some cases unavailable. We now have visibility of our call queues, and the support desk we engage with is quick to respond and resolve any queries. The go-live date went beyond smoothly.

"The web site is easy to use. Configuring handsets and making changes, even call flows, is quite easy.

"We've found that the simple 'all-in-one' charge is instrumental for a busy practice. We want to know what we are paying each month without the need to work out which user is licensed for a particular feature and then start a process to reassign this unused feature to another user.

"The service provided both in implementation and after go-live was smooth. Support is helpful and tickets are resolved within a good time period. We like the single point of contact to call in case of any issues. Overall we are pleased with the system."

Loni Booker
Practice Manager
James Wigg Practice

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.