HM Prison Doncaster call processing solution handles large numbers of callers at peak call times

HM Prison Doncaster

Visitor Call Handling

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HM Prison Doncaster required a call processing solution sufficiently powerful to handle the large numbers of callers wishing to book a prison visit at peak call times. A solution was desirable that also reassured callers and kept them informed.

After evaluating other solutions that required the installation and maintenance of costly physical equipment, X-on's PhonePresence hosted solution was selected because of its cost effective tariff and as it didn't required costly equipment installation.

Additionally the PhonePresence hosted solution meant the issue of queueing capacity became the concern of the provider and not the prison. X-on uses tier 1 call routes providing high quality connections, and X-on's triple site redundancy offers reliability and reassurance.

Prison Regulations

The PhonePresence call handling system greets callers automatically and imparts important information about the rules and regulations of a prison visit, such as prohibited items. This way the caller is made aware of prison rules before speaking to a booking operative, ensuring the correct information is provided each time, and sparing the operatives from having to repeat this information to each and every caller.

The information given out in this way can be extensive as it is vital that visitors know the rules for visiting. Having passed through the booking service ensures visitors have been provided the information.

Call Queueing

Integral to the PhonePresence system, the queueing facility informs callers they are in a queue and provides regular updates on estimated time to be answered. Callers can then decide whether to remain queued or call back later.

As callers reach the front of the queue they are distributed efficiently and evenly amongst the booking operatives. As each call ends the next person in the queue is connected to an operative.

Call Recording

The ability to record calls provides additional safeguards and helps ensure good communication. The conversation recording feature includes a function warning callers not to be abusive to staff members, and at the same time reminds staff members to deliver the best possible service.

Call Recording also provides staff with the ability to identify a visitor posing as someone else. This is enabled as the caller ID (CLI) is matched to the voice recording file. HMP Doncaster have been surprised at the cost effectiveness of Call Recording.

Reports and Statistics

Management staff at HMP and YOI Doncaster are able to access important reports and call statistics on demand via a web interface. The reports highlight the service's busy periods and assist the management team in ensuring the correct staffing level for the booking desks. In fact the PhonePresence solution highlighted an issue with staffing levels which resulted in an increase in booking staff - information provided in the reports which was simply not available previously.

PhonePresence have provided HM Prison Doncaster with an effective and reliable call processing solution that greatly assists callers, management and staff alike, resulting in an effective and thorough booking system.

More Information

For further information on PhonePresence Call Handling please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.