Surgery Connect replaced an obsolete telephone system at Happy House Surgery and integrated with their clinical system

Happy House Surgery

Replacing Obsolete Phone System

September 2018

Happy House Surgery is a Sunderland based practice offering services to over 6,000 patients in a modern medical centre with 8 consulting rooms and a treatment/minor surgery suite. The practice is highly patient focused with a multidisciplinary approach to patients' health care.

September 2018

The Challenge

Happy House Surgery were using a very old obsolete telephone system with limited functionality. Though the system had proved reliable over their 15 year history, the growing practice "needed to stream calls and increase the call flow."

Additionally Happy House needed the new phone system to integrate with their EMIS clinical system: "We wanted something that offered us the reliability and ease of use that our old system had, but with the functionality to help us manage calls with integration into our medical system to help speed up the call taking process."

The Solution

Surgery Connect has provided Happy House with features far in excess of their legacy system, and with the flexibility to adapt as the practice continues to grow.

Surgery Connect seemlessly integrates with the EMIS clinical system greatly improving practice staff efficiency and reducing the time patients spend on the phone.

Happy House Surgery Says

"The system is very easy to use. We worked with the technical team, who designed the system around what we wanted to achieve. I think what became clear is that the system is very adaptable and the flexibility of the system will allow us to make any future changes easily.

"There were many benefits we had not anticipated. We have all our opening and closing times, including Practice meetings and training, programmed into a calendar so it automatically switches the phones on and off, playing out the appropriate messages, which was a nightmare to do on our old system!

"The connection to the medical system identifies the patient number as the call comes in, and brings up the notes when an exact match is made, speeding up the call process. It also speeds up the outbound process, ensuring accuracy when calling patients as we can directly dial the patient from the information held in the notes. We were also impressed with their fail over system.

"We liked the all-inclusive calls package which helps in budgeting.

"The implementation was simple and went very well as did our go-live, and we quickly built up a good rapport. The move was seamless. Yes, we had a few hiccups on the way but, looking back, the process went much better than I had dared imagine!

"X-on have been helpful throughout the process. We have a brand new system, which our patients love, the staff find easy to use, and which has speeded up our call handling making better use of our resources."

Steven Harder
Practice Manager
Happy House Surgery

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.