Guide Bridge needed a future proof phone system easily scalable to meet their plans to incorporate another two practices

Guide Bridge Practice

Future Proof Scalable Phone System

gtd healthcare - Guide Bridge Medical Practice

May 2018

Guide Bridge Medical Practice is part of gtd healthcare and offers primary care services to 4,200 patients across Audenshaw, Denton, and parts of Ashton-Under-Lyne, Manchester. As a GP training practice, Guide Bridge also have junior Doctors working at the practice.

May 2018

The Challenge

Guide Bridge were using a telephone system which did not allow them to monitor busy/quiet periods of incoming calls - patients just heard the ringing tone and so it appeared their calls were being ignored. The practice were also keen to record their calls with patients for future reference.

Additionally they needed the system to be 'future proof', easily scalable to meet their plans to incorporate the affiliated Millbrook and Mossley Medical Practices.

The Solution

Surgery Connect keeps patients informed, advising them of their position in the call queue, reassuring them that their call will be answered. Guide Bridge are provided with a monthly report which they use to audit calls, aiding the effective allocation of staffing resources.

The call recordings are used for general training and for investigating any patient complaints or concerns.

Surgery Connect is infinitely scalable, so adding more users within a practice, or across multiple practices as planned, is easy.

Guide Bridge Medical Practice Says

"The features that attracted us were the 'Cloud' base as the Practice Manager also manages two other practices. It is now possible to access the system from another site. This will be further enhanced when the two other sites have the same system, which should hopefully be implemented soon, enabling us to utilise the phone system across more than one site.

"In queue announcements and recording of calls have proven very useful for us. As a result the patient experience has greatly improved.

"We chose Surgery Connect because of cost / appeared a professional company / feedback from one of their customers who we emailed and they came highly recommended. Also very good service and support, and the ability to further enhance the service across more sites in the future."

Pauline McGonigle
Practice Manager
Guide Bridge Medical Practice

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.