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Surgery Connect holds Guardian Medical Centre patients in a queue during peak periods and allow calls to be diverted to the most suitable department.

Guardian Medical Centre

Surgery Connect

Guardian Medical Centre - Efficient Call Queueing and Call Distribution

Guardian Medical Centre is an NHS general practice providing a comprehensive range of medical services within modern purpose-built premises, housing 28 staff including GPs and Trainees covering 10,200 patients, and a wide range of community services, plus a full-size operating theatre and recovery suite.

The Challenge

Patients of the Guardian Medical Centre had experienced issues getting through, particularly during busy mornings, given the limited number of available phone lines. The solution needed to hold patients in a queue during peak periods and allow calls to be diverted to the most suitable department.

The Solution

Surgery Connect includes distribution groups which are targeted when callers select certain options from a menu. The distribution groups contain the staff members with the appropriate skills for those patients needs. Groups are prioritised, and staff assigned, via the Configuration Console.

If an unmanned phone remains unanswered, any other phone can answer the call by pressing the Group Pickup button. Callers are kept informed while in a queue.

A wall mounted display provides staff with a view of call volumes and the current status of colleagues in real time.

Guardian Medical Centre - Nicola Scott

Guardian Medical Centre Says

"We wanted all calls to be answered and put in a queue rather than getting the engaged tone. We wanted to be able to divert calls to different departments. This has been done and has helped the way we manage calls. We find the new service straightforward to use."

"Diverting calls and access to the call board to manage calls have proved to be the most useful new features."

"We chose Surgery Connect because of the monthly price and the services available within the system, with X-on being more approachable than our previous provider. We've had a very good experience in dealing with X-on during implementation of the service and after go-live."

Nicola Scott
Practice Manager
Guardian Medical Centre

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.