Time Savings = Costs Savings

During one week, on average, the liaison nurse will spend 11 and a half hours calling approximately 70 patients to request a blood test or relay results. In time alone this would cost on average £187, not including the cost of making the calls. With Surgery Connect Appointment Reminders communicating with 70 patients takes a maximum of 10 minutes in total, including registering the results. The cost of this in total, including nurse time and cost of the communication via SMS, is £7.80.*

Surgery Connect Appointment Reminders, though initially supplied as a patient communication tool for long term disease management, has also been used by Paediatric Cardiac Unit administration staff to manage clinic cancellations, and now serves as the only communication to remind patients to have MRSA screening before surgery. This has reduced the costs of communicating with patients in these areas by 93%.*

If the Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospital Trust expanded this service to all departments just to notify the postponement/cancellation of clinics for first appointments (18043)** it could make a saving of just over £14,000.

HES data showed postponement/cancellation of clinics for subsequent appointments was 106,428.**

* Figures provided by Paediatric Cardiac Transplant unit Freeman Hospital. All staff costs calculated on
Average Salary bandand letter writing costs based on Research conducted by the procurement hubs.

** HES 2007-2008 outpatients statistics.