Surgery Connect has significantly improved Enderby Medical Centre's call handling capacity while providing business continuity via mobile phone backup

Enderby Medical Centre

Communications Continuity

Enderby Medical Centre Call Handling and Business Continuity

August 2018

Enderby Medical Centre serves the areas of Enderby, Huncote, Littlethorpe, Narborough & Whetstone with a population of over 6500 patients, running Patient Participation Groups for feedback on improving surgery services, and is a supporter of the Blaby District Dementia Action Alliance.

August 2018

The Challenge

Enderby Medical Centre needed to upgrade their phone system to better handle incoming patient calls particularly during busy periods. Additionally, the team at Enderby were looking to ensure business continuity during any outages, such as a power cut.

The Solution

Surgery Connect has increased Enderby's call handling capacity, with the comprehensive reporting allowing the team to best allocate resources during busy periods. Calls can be diverted to mobile phones whenever required, providing complete call handling flexibility, along with call continuity during any emergency situation.

The phone system can be configured to suit the needs of each Practice. For example Enderby initially tried the 'hotdesk' option, where the login process offers a list of users for selection, "however this created a lot of unease amongst staff." The 'hotdesk' extension has been added to dedicated phones, so "once our call queue reaches 3, incoming calls are diverted to other staff members; this allows for a fair share system."

Calls are recorded and securely stored with access for authorised personnel.

Enderby Medical Centre Says

"The detailed Management Report provides practice managers a quick reference guide to the busiest times and busiest days in the week, staff rotas adjusted accordingly. The report also defines the number of calls received into the practice on a day by day analysis. The recording system is excellent.

"This phone system has back up mobile telephones that allows the Practice contact with patients even when power is down.

"The Support Team are very helpful and the line of communication is excellent, allowing the practice to adjust according to our needs; the support staff are very amenable and patient! All practice staff are now happy with the new phone system.

"In fact I have recommended this telephone system to the Practice down the road, with a practice population of approximately 14,500, and they are in the process of signing up."

Julie Read
Practice Manager
Enderby Medical Centre

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.