X-on cloud-based solution avoids duplicating back-office functions across the two East Shore Partnership surgeries

East Shore Partnership

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September 2016

East Shore Partnership is a newly merged healthcare practice managed by a forward-thinking, cohesive team, consisting of two sites in the UK - Baffins Surgery and Milton Park Practice, which together serve around 15,000 patients.

September 2016

The Challenge

East Shore Partnership were seeking a cloud-based solution that would allow them to avoid duplicating their back-office functions across two (or more) GP-branch sites, facilitating a valuable organisational change project.

The Solution

X-on supplied East Shore Partnership with Surgery Connect, which provides a call centre service allowing patients to make enquiries and book appointments at either site, instead of queuing up to speak to each individually.

Surgery Connect also provides East Shore Partnership with statistics that provide a vital profile of their user demand, which has enabled staffing to be tailored to meet the caller demand.

East Shore Partnership - Veryan Burcham

East Shore Partnership Says

Business Manager

"The service is very easy to use and manage on-site, and can be adapted on a minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day configuration, where proactivity and reactivity are a baseline requirement.

"The main reason for choosing X-on was as a result of the many excellent utilities the system provides, the ability to make changes rapidly in support of our changing business needs, and the local control it affords.

"The cost was very favourable when compared with our existing provider, and the customer liaison, equipment implementation and ongoing support are absolutely invaluable, and we are all thoroughly enjoying using it.

"I would highly recommend X-on and the Surgery Connect solution to any business with multiple sites and duplicated back-office functions."

Veryan Burcham
Business Manager
East Shore Partnership
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Data Manager

"We have used X-on for over a year now and have been delighted with making the change to them. The ability to configure your set up in house ensures that as the business changes we can adapt the phone system to match, and when things do get tricky and technical their support staff are friendly and happy to help.

"It's not all been plain sailing, and getting used to the VoIP set up did take some adjustment, but now it has bedded in our phone service has turned a corner and is now at a much better level than our previous more traditional approach. The flexibility you get with this system to allow people to take calls from any desk is really useful, and the ability to have users operating across different sites offers the virtual call centre type approach.

"We have had an outage, not long after we went live, and the problem was widespread, but they do offer a mobile phone back service that can be turned on to enable calls to still be taken so the risk to the continuity of business was mitigated as well as could be hoped.

"Its good to see that X-on are still developing and enhancing their product, taking on board feedback from their customers. Always a positive when the relationship with the supplier continues to blossom after you have signed up and paid.

"Always happy to discuss anything further over the phone if anyone has specific questions about our experiences with X-on."

Justin Cotchin
Data Manager
East Shore Partnership

Operations Manager

"X-on offers an excellent service, with constant updates that fulfils the surgery needs.

"They spend time to see what we need and works, and work with the surgery to implement the changes.

"They are approachable with a good customer service which is second to none."

Su Pembleton
Operations Manager
East Shore Partnership

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.