Surgery Connect provides Buttercross Health Centre with highly secure call recording, comprehensive reporting and Patient Callback

Buttercross Health Centre

Call Recording and Patient Callback

Symphony Healthcare Services: Buttercross Health Centre - Call Recording and Patient Callback

July 2019

Buttercross Health Centre function within Symphony Healthcare Services, a NHS primary care operating company, servicing over 70,000 patients across 12 practices, and utilising a central support team to cover back office roles such as HR, IT and Finance, enabling GPs to focus on patient care.

July 2019

The Challenge

In addition to more control over their telephony with a significant improvement in their patients' call experience, Buttercross Health Centre also wanted to record patient calls, providing a useful resource in staff training.

Management were looking for reports that would also assist in call handling and staff training improvements.

The Solution

Surgery Connect provides highly secure encrypted call recording with variable storage periods where required. Calls are accessed only by authorised staff and can be linked with clinical system patient records for even easier access.

Comprehensive call reports provide analysis of call statistics such as time taken to answer, areas of highest demand, and call abandonment.

Surgery Connect includes a Patient Callback feature which allows patients to be automatically called back, maintaining their position in the queue, so the patient doesn't have to remain waiting in the queue.

Buttercross Health Centre - Cindy Grace-Toms

Buttercross Health Centre Says

"Recording telephone conversation and being able to play these back has been a huge asset, especially for staff training and dealing with complaints.

"Patients like the Patient Callback facility and are very appreciative of the ring back.

"Some of the recent improvements to the reports have saved me a lot of time."

Cindy Grace-Toms
Assistant Practice Manager
Buttercross Health Centre

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