Voice Noticeboard allows Avon Fire & Rescue to quickly and efficiently relay the details of incidents to the media

Avon Fire & Rescue

Phone-in Noticeboard

Avon Fire & Rescue Service

Avon Fire & Rescue provide emergency and protection services to the communities of Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. With headquarters based in Bristol city centre, Avon Fire & Rescue have 23 fire stations.

The Challenge

Avon Fire & Rescue approached X­on seeking a solution that would allow them to communicate effectively with the media, with a service that could save their workforce valuable time by issuing information through a single unified solution, rather than on an individual basis.

The Solution

X­on’s Voice Noticeboard service was the perfect solution. Avon Fire & Rescue can now quickly and efficiently relay the details of incidents and other topics to the media without having to phone each outlet individually. Permitted staff can dial­in to the Voice Noticeboard noticeboard and record new updates which can then be accessed externally by the media.

Avon Fire & Rescue Says

"We have been using the Voice Noticeboard service from X-on for several years and have found it invaluable in maintaining communications with our media partners.

"X-on has provided us with a reliable service throughout this period."

StnO. Adrian Mantle
Media Liaison Officer
Avon Fire & Rescue Service

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