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Healthcare Communications
Patient Data Security

Modern Patient Access…

Improving access to general practice services is essential to the GP Forward View, while growing demand puts pressure in the opposite direction with patients trying to book appointments using overloaded and often outdated phone lines. The telephone remains the main way in which most patients maintain contact with general practice.

By moving communications to the cloud, general practice across the UK is significantly improving the way patients interact with staff, while accessing the administrative control and features needed to address the GP Forward View high impact actions.

To upgrade your healthcare communications call Sales on 0333 332 0000.

…Security Where it Counts

Our customers include those in critical healthcare environments and those taking thousands of credit card payments daily. Holding patient data and credit card data is a responsibility we take seriously, through compliance, encryption and the design of our UK data centres.

Our services are crafted and constantly reviewed to meet our customers' communication needs, delivering simplicity of operation and integration with desktop systems.

To ensure your data and payments are secure call Sales on 0333 332 0000.

Agent using Surgery Connect integrated with EMIS Web

Surgery Connect

Surgery Connect is a hosted phone system supporting IT transformation within the NHS by delivering quality, safety and efficiency to staff and patients.

Providing healthcare professionals with full patient consultation history, including call and video recordings linked to the patient record, ensures staff and patient safety. Empowering patients by allowing them to manage their own appointments, while reducing the burden on staff via notifications to at risk groups, improves administrative efficiency and allows staff to focus on patient interaction.

Contact centre features, including intelligent call queueing and routing, highly secure call recording automatically attached to patient records, confirm and remind systems to reduce DNAs, telephone triage and extensive reporting.

Surgery Connect clinical system integration measurably reduces overall costs by minimizing time spent on administrative tasks and calls, while improving data quality and compliance.


What do Clients Say?

Contact Centre

We understand that modern customer-focused organisations demand flexible, secure and reliable telephone systems to suit the rapidly evolving and increasingly omnichannel business environment.

X-on Contact Centre technology provides tailored packages to handle inbound and outbound traffic, whether from a single location or at a multi-departmental, multi-site or multi-country level.

Our consolidated cloud-based communications systems are designed by X-on engineers, hosted on our own network incorporating our resilient distributed data centres. We provide a highly secure and cost effective solution that is focused on your requirements and designed to scale with demand.

X-on Contact Centre has an extensive range of features that have been developed from years of experience in hosted telephony. We offer intelligent solutions to the real day-to-day demands of the contact centre, maximising the productivity of your agents and improving customer experience.