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Privacy Information

X-on Cloud

X-on web sites do not collect any personal information. Only if you make an enquiry via the contact form, or by calling us, do X-on retain any personal information, and only that supplied to us.


Any personal information provided to X-on is stored securely and only used by X-on when interacting with enquirers and our customers. This information is not provided to, or used by, any third parties.


Cookies are small files stored in your web browser which can add functionality to a web site. Generally they are used to improve the user experience, for example, to remember your username when you return to a site, or as part of a shopping cart mechanism.

Cookies can also be used to gather anonymous statistical information on web site usage, such as the number of visits to a page, how long visitors spend on the site, the number of visits from each country etc. This information is completely anonymous and no personal information is included in these statistics.

X-on web sites only employ analytical cookies to provide us with site statistics, or as part of the functionality if Live Chat is offered, we do not use cookies for any other purpose. We use the data to improve the design and content of our web sites, thereby enhancing the user experience.


For some very targeted products, such as PhonePresence Cloud Phone System, we use Google Remarketing. This facility places a cookie in your browser when you visit the Cloud Phone System page, for example, which allows Google to subsequently display an Ad related to PhonePresence Cloud Phone System, in this example, when you visit any sites that feature Google Ads.

The facility only displays Ads related to your initial interest in our Products. You can opt out of seeing Remarketing Ads by visiting Google's Ads Settings.

Opt Out

If you prefer that cookies not be stored on your computer you can change your web browser Preferences/Settings to block cookies. You can usually block permanently, or choose that cookies are deleted when you close the browser.