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  • The Safe Choice

    Data and voice secured in our data centres…
    delivered to the desktop and handset.

  • Healthcare

    Phone technology delivering measurable benefits…
    by addressing the specific demands of Primary Care.

  • Contact Centre

    Making clear customer connections…
    through the complex contact centre environment.

  • PCI Phone Payment

    We take care of PCI-DSS requirements…
    so you can take secure card payments over the phone.


Smart telecoms designed to meets the specific needs of Primary Care.

Secure Payment

PCI-DSS compliant card payments over the phone.

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Securing Voice in the Cloud…

We hear of breaches in data security on a daily basis, with existing organisational network security often leaving much to be desired. It's a complex issue and too easily left on the 'to do' list. IT managers seeking higher levels of security can be hamstrung by existing legacy infrastructure.

Decades of experience designing and delivering hosted telecoms systems has given X-on insight into how to address these issues and deliver innovative, reliable and, above all, secure communications to customers where data security is paramount.

For information on securing your business communications call Sales on 0333 332 0000.

…Where it Counts

Our customers include those in critical healthcare environments and those taking thousands of credit card payments daily. Holding patient data and credit card data is a responsibility we take seriously, through compliance, encryption and the design of our UK data centres.

Our services are crafted and constantly reviewed to meet our customers' communication needs, delivering simplicity of operation and integration with desktop systems. Select your industry or service requirement or chat with one of our consultants.


Contact Centre

Making clear connections with your customers through the complex contact centre environment.

Call Recording

Automated call recording to support your compliance, security and customer protection needs.


Notification services that help you reach large numbers of people with essential information, immediately.

PCI Phone Payment

PCI-DSS compliant card payments over the phone.

Case Studies

Healthcare Phone System for GP Care UK

Find out how smart telecoms systems helped GP Care UK ease contact between GPs and Hospital Consultants.

Urgent Care Cambridgeshire Call Recording

X-on provide mobile phone call recording between GPs and Patients for UCC, satisfying NHS requirements.

Whitbread Business Continuity

Inbound and outbound Business Continuity services allow Whitbread to support their staff during DR situations.

Payment Reminder Calls for New Call Telecom

The New Call Telecom telephone payment reminder service incorporates a call back option for payment via Call Centre.